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Lost In Thought
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I've titled this painting "Lost in Thought" which I thought summed up the expression I have captured, and was apt as this is a part of the world that deserves to be thought about.
This beautiful 19th century map by T. B. Johnston ('Geographer to the Queen') shows Central Africa in the wake of the Anglo-Zulu and First Boer War. It was originally published in The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography (Edinburgh:W. & A. K. Johnston, 1885) but at some point someone has divided up the Atlas and sold the maps separately. It was in 2 halves and a bit battered so I had no qualms in painting over it. I mounted it onto a black ground which highlights and complements the map's little age scars and prepared it for painting.
My mature chimp has been painted in many layers to give depth and solidity to this wonderful animal however I have allowed little areas of map to peek through.
I have left a border of the black mount visible around the artwork which will aid framing.
The painting is sold unmounted and unframed.
Available through Artfinder - the link to my shop is on the links page of the website.
Price: 395.00


Jane Wilson