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The word "muted" has a few meanings depending on it's context, of a sound it could mean quiet and soft and if describing a colour it means subdued and not bright. In both "Silently They Stand" and "Starlight" I have explored the concept of muting, both sounds and colours.
I started with a collaged base of sheet music, these were ripped and fragmented, my aim was to begin the muting process by disrupting the sequences of notes, I have deliberately incorporated a few creases and textures to this base. I then explored muting as a visual process; to mute a colour you add a little of it's complimentary hue, this changes the colour intensity, subduing it. All the colours I have used in both paintings have been muted in this way.
I continued to mute the sound, adding layers of colour and texture, gradually silencing the music. I have left more music showing in "Starlight", it is hushed but not silent. My abstract mark-making suggested to me a starlight lit garden, with cool green and muted blue tones enhanced with some silvery detailing. I added some abstracted foliage to the foreground, the geometry of these marks contrasts with the organic abstraction of the base.
I have used some shimmery paint to add a further dimension, I have taken a number of photos in different light conditions as depending on the hanging location, time of day and light source the painting will change colour subtly.
Your painting is initialed on the front and signed on the back. The canvas is a 2.5 cm box canvas, the sides are not pristine with a few creases from the collaged base visible however I have painted them so the artwork is ready to hang if you wish, or framed if you prefer.
Available from https://www.artfinder.com/product/starlight-05df/


Jane Wilson